Iron Ore Bludgeoned to Record Low in Asia on China Steel Concern

From: Iron Ore Bludgeoned to Record Low in Asia on China Steel Concern By: Jasmine Ng Iron ore contracts in Asia slumped to records amid speculation that mills in China are reining in steel production as they battle losses, slumping prices and tighter credit, hurting demand for the raw material that’s mainly shipped from Australia and

American Recycler: Auto Recyclers Facing Rough Roads

From: Auto Recyclers Facing Rough Roads By: Mike Breslin Back in January 2012 American Recycler published an article penned by Mark Henricks titled Rough Roads Ahead about the problem of auto recyclers acquiring cars. At that time, it was the number one issue facing recyclers. Five years later, we followed up with Michael E. Wilson, chief

Analyzing China’s Slowdown

While the world reacts to China’s economic slowdown, the tone among the country’s top government officials remains calm. That’s because the growth rate (previously 10%, predicted to drop to 6.3% in 2016) has been intentionally slowed since 2012. A report published that year by the International Monetary Fund suggested that while China’s capital-to-output ratio was

scrap metal buyers

Groundhog Day for China’s Scrap Metal Buyers

“Too many other buyers. I can tell other buyers were here yesterday,” Johnson Zeng told Bloomberg. “There wasn’t as much scrap as usual.” For Zeng and other Chinese scrap metal buyers who purchase millions of pounds of metal in the U.S., it’s a seller’s market; with increasing competition among buyers, scrap yards can afford to