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Wreckonomics Dispatches: Automotive Recyclers Association Convention & Expo

We were pleased to exhibit at ARA’s 75th Annual trade show & Expo.  The show’s focus is to connect Industry Leaders in the Automotive Recycling World. For us it’s the best event to connect directly to Licensed Domestic Recyclers and Dismantlers. Recyclers are an innovative and solution focused group.  Unlike many other industries they are

Did You Know? A Look Into Automotive Recycling Facts

Cars and trucks are often the topic of conversation when it comes to world pollution. However, the automotive recycling industry is one of the most efficient programs running.  Consequently, in the U.S. and Canada alone there are over 11 million vehicles recycled every year.¹  The automotive recycling industry is continuously developing creative ways to reuse

Jack’s Salvage — There’s No Junk There

When I was little, my dad used to take me to the “junkyard” to find parts for the 1967 Thunderbird he was restoring.  I remember kicking up dust as we strolled through the yard looking inside every car for just the right door handle, lock knob, or another distinctive piece to satisfy his quest.  I