RepairPal Launches Social Impact Partnership with ARS

Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS) is proud to partner with RepairPal on the Force for Good campaign! RepairPal brings trust and transparency to auto repair by helping millions of customers feel confident that they’re getting the best price. Since 2007, RepairPal has been providing customers with invaluable resources to care for their cars. RepairPal also partners with industry leaders to guarantee customer satisfaction. By visiting, consumers can get back on the road quickly and safely, knowing they’ll always receive quality work at fair prices.

We are proud to announce our first social impact partnership with ARS. While our business focuses on car ownership, we know deciding what to do when your vehicle has reached the end of its life is important as well. We chose to work with ARS as they provide the highest return back to charities to get the best price for your donated vehicle for some of our favorite charities and we are using our voice in the automotive industry to highlight these organizations and the great work they are doing to make the world better. -Kathleen Long, CRO at RepairPal

For consumers who find car repairs too costly, RepairPal provides a car donation alternative, featuring some of our nationally respected charity partners. An estimated 13.43 million motor vehicles were produced in North America last year. A large amount of waste comes with that level of production. Because of this, RepairPal also features ways you can reduce your carbon footprint with your car and help the environment.

RepairPal’s goal is to help consumers care for their cars.  We have done the hard work of finding High Quality, Fair-Priced auto repair shops, and now have over 3,500 RepairPal Certified car repair locations nationwide. Recently we added a great service to help people donate their cars at the end of the cars’ lives. RepairPal partnered with Advanced Remarketing Services to enable consumers to generate the highest value for an old car and donate the value to a broad list of great charities. I just donated my 20-year-old Mercedes and was delighted with the process and my ability to contribute to the American Cancer Society. – Art Shaw, CEO at RepairPal

Your car donation can fund a variety of services including the building of homes, cancer research and patient services, fighting hunger, providing access to sport for individuals with intellectual disabilities, placing pets into loving homes, preserving public radio, and serving military families and veterans. Over the past 15 years, ARS has proudly raised over $250,000,000 for our charity partners and has helped to reduce over 2.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by directing car donations to licensed auto recyclers.

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To see our full list of charity partners, click here.

Hope MeirelesRepairPal Launches Social Impact Partnership with ARS

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