Chinese Farming Duo Transforms Scrap Metal into Art

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Yu Zhilin, a farmer from Hengyang, China has capitalized on the popularity of the Transformers movie franchise in China with the aid of his son, Yu Lingyun. This father/son team, using only their ingenuity(as well as some instructions found while traversing the internet), and scrap auto parts are making waves globally for creating statues of Transformers’ mainstays Optimus Prime and Bumblebee1. These car parts were collected during Yu Zhilin’s years of farming and the first statue that he created took three years to complete!

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Fortunately, their hard work has been paying off. Mr. Zhilin and his son have made over $160,000 2 in the past year from selling the replicas! This is a trend that has been playing out in China since the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction shattered box office figures in China last year 3. However, no other artists in China have successfully monetized their statues as effectively as these two have done so. This is certainly no longer a side hobby for Yu Zhilin.

Hats off to these two for their hard work and creativity in recycling scrap metal into valuable art!

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S.A. StevensonChinese Farming Duo Transforms Scrap Metal into Art

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