Benefits of Collaborative Marketing

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Advanced Remarketing Services works hard to maintain strong, working relationships with all of our charity partners. One method we find to be successful is through collaborative marketing. Collaborative marketing allows for a bigger audience to see content, create consistency between brands, develops a following, and gives potential new partners or donors the power to interact organically. Consolidated programs feature charities of various sizes and have homogeneous marketing voices, ARS programs do not. ARS established our car donation program to be an active partner and an experienced resource. We have never been a solicitor, in fact our charity partners ‘own’ their programs.

We continuously assess the needs of our partners within our own brand and marketing campaigns to reinforce the level of collaboration both organizations may need. Every partner fits their own program based on brand and resources. We provide our charity partners SEO, design, shared content, paid search, branding, and social media marketing.Through a data-driven, analytical approach we are happy to contribute our partners with collaborative ideas that benefit us both mutually at the same time.When both parties are working to promote valuable content it leads to a greater audience and the potential to gain more links in and out of your own content network.

Our in house design and video production allows for us to produce unique visuals, info graphics, and videos specific to a charity partners vehicle donation program. We run our own paid search campaigns to build traffic to not only but to bring in donations directly to a charity’s donation page. We are constantly updating our content networks and are happy to share and write content for all partners in order to reach all audiences.

Not only do we work with our charity partners on collaborative marketing, we are happy to share our services with our buyer partners as well. Our direct buyers now have the chance to list our You Call We Haul and donation services on their personal websites, expanding both audiences services. With a shared common purpose, collaborative marketing benefits all parties involved. 

Ali LyonsBenefits of Collaborative Marketing

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